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The six inspirations emerging from communication in 2021

These six inspirations reflect a society and a profession on the move and speak of an empathic, unifying, united, lively, human, thoughtful and active approach. This communication is now anchored in its context and in the facts, responsible but also creative.


Inspiration # 1: The Feel Good com

And we needed freshness and optimism, appropriate humor as well, to face the vagaries and difficulties, to compensate for the impossibility of meeting in real life, of being one, of coming together. The communicators heard it and responded to it. To get rid of the pill, laugh or smile and perpetuate the French art of living together, when friendly and cultural meeting places are no longer accessible, reveal the desires hidden behind legitimate fears.

Inspiration # 2: The collective first, then the brand

The desire to bring people together, the vocation to create links, communication is in its blood. From conversational to collaborative, there are only a few steps, but you still have to dare to take them. Communication has captured the demand of audiences thirsty for participation, to work together, to contribute to a common project, or even to the common good. To draw, too, the contours of the identities of the brands and the strategic orientations, to which they will adhere or which they will join as collaborators.

Inspiration # 3: Communication in System D mode

Looking to the future but never denying history, the communication brought out the old pots in which the best soups are made. She once again proves her resilience in the face of adversity. Because she felt, perhaps, that in the midst of the crisis, it was her responsibility to be humble and fair, frugal. It has done well with little, always remaining attentive to its impact: strong in terms of audience, low in C02, and respectful of sensitivities, thereby inventing new back roads.

Inspiration # 4: The metamorphosis

Resilient, communication has transformed constraint into opportunity. She operated on her moults. Whether it is technological advances or alternative models, she has worked to meet the need to be together despite the distance, to broaden horizons, to push back the walls or to rethink the future. To bring out feelings of belonging and recognition, to breathe new life into the meaning that is lacking when perspectives are blurry and the notion of what is essential becomes divisive, it has evolved

Inspiration # 5: Close to the eyes, close to the heart

Because when you are assigned to residence, you need to feel part of an ecosystem, communication has played the card of proximity: proximity management internally, rediscovering your immediate environment externally. Human, never above ground, in a quest for responsibility, authenticity and utility: because she knows how to listen and see, she has brought to light what is there, in front of everyone’s eyes and is waiting to be revealed .

Inspiration # 6: The “slow” in the face of the urgency of the crisis

Communication responds to the notion of urgency with that of development by taking the time to explain and assimilate. It is long-term. When everything seems to be racing, she eases off and allows audiences to settle in to reduce uncertainty.

The 6 inspirations of this year also tell us about the sincere dialogue that communication professionals, agencies, advertisers, freelancers, have been constantly establishing over the past few months with their audiences, internal and external.

They bear witness to the qualitative and quantitative criteria that the communicators have taken into account, attests to the growing proportion of devices which integrate responsible communication criteria into their design: eco-design and co-construction.

ESG criteria were of course highly regarded. But communication, in this period placed under the sign of distancing moreover, cannot be reduced to figures and metric indicators, because it is also of the order of the informal and the intimate. She demonstrated rational, emotional and relational intelligence: she knew how to smell, and that was the theme of this 34th edition of the Grands Prix, to observe and listen to the requests and expectations of the public.


Dy Séverine Lecomte, President of COM-ENT, Managing Director of the Heidi agency.
In partnership with the ADN Business